This letter was supposed to be a letter written every two months, but has stretched out to a letter covering the events of the last three months.  The above verse has been the pattern for the work at the moment.  This is not to say that much has not happened since the last letter, but in regards to what needs to happen in the work, it seems to be going slowly.  This is not written from a discouraged heart. 
This is what I need.  Going slow is just what has been required of me.    
Recently two people have been saved.  First my son, Ezra, asked the Lord to save him on April 21st.  This obviously is very special to me seeing I have been praying daily for his salvation before he was even born.  The other was a 25 year old man named Kiely Yocum. A man in our church befriended him and started to witness to him.  We all got together at a coffee shop and after a solid witness he asked the Lord to save him with tears in his  eyes.  Both, Ezra and Kiely, cried over the weight of sin being lifted off of them. (Daddy cried a little bit over the first one.)

 Easter brought us the highest attendance with 67 in attendance since we arrived here last October.  Typically we run 42-47 on an average Sunday.  The next week we had mid-fifties with three people joining the church after the services. The week following we had no visitors at all.  This was an extreme blessing to me and increased my faith that God knows what is going to happen.  The Sunday before I spent many an hour preparing a message on “The Body of Believers”, a message for our church family.  As I prepared this message I kept reminding God (as if He needed my insight) that this message was a definite way to make sure that no visitors would frequent our services again. It was when I began to preach, the Lord showed me that there were no visitors there, just regular attendees. God knew that no visitors were going to be there and had me prepare a  more technical message just for His sheep. Oh me of little faith

 The last Sunday in April, we had missionary, Joseph Anderson to Papua New Guinea.  I had been praying about having him in and when he called seeking a meeting I recognized his voice and asked him when he was available.  That was probably the easiest meeting he ever scheduled.  The church took him on for support making him the third missionary taken on for support since we got here. The church now supports four  total.

 A few months ago a man in the church and I remodeled the nursery making it presentable for mother and child.  May has been a dedicated work month for me.  Some windows were put in the parsonage along with a utility sink.  But most importantly the church restrooms were remodeled top-to-bottom.  Nurseries and restrooms are a necessity to keep presentable in a church.  Future work will be painting, painting, and more painting, but mostly painting.

 Thank you for your faithful prayers  and support…you have helped increase our faith.



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