Psalms 90:9  …we spend our years as a tale that is told.

It doesn’t seem like a year has passed since we got here, but it has never to return.  When looking back on it there are many things that have been done with the church as a body of believers and the building that we meet in.

Psalms 90:12  So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

The last three months passed faster than I thought possible and things have slowed down outside the church, but have picked up inside the church.  The last day of canvassing was at the end of September with over 2400 homes getting a door hanger with church information + a gospel of John and Romans.  We have seen a number of visitors come out because of this effort and one lady has been attending faithfully.  Sometime in the future the Lord will direct us to go back at it, but until then there is work to do on the inside of the building as well.

Since arriving a year ago the church has had some work done to it with the sanctuary, nursery, storage room and bathrooms being remodeled, the lawn being irrigated regularly with sprinklers, the parsonage painted from top to bottom and new carpet and lighting downstairs, lights working again outside, some better sound equipment being put in place, a security system installed, visitor packets created along with a new church tract, reflective parking lot signs outside, some windows being put back in where they were boarded over and various other things that were needed to be done.  And after all of this there still is much to be done as we move into our second year. Ecc.9:10 reminds us that we can’t be beneficially and productive after our final breath so we should get to work now.

Another young boy was saved after his father brought him to men’s prayer one Friday evening.  A month later he was baptized along with eight other people in the river near the end of summer.  All the stuff that is done to the building/fold is done so the sheep can come and have a place to get to know their Shepherd (I Pet.2:25) in peace and safety.  I have seen some people make some decisions to glorify God more in their personal walk…that I didn’t even preach on!  The reason this is exciting to me is because it shows me that they are having a stronger personal relationship with their Creator.

A couple of personal blessings have also happened in the last few months.  First, I was blessed to attend Pastor’s School at Treasure Valley Baptist Church during the month of August.  It had been a few years since attending one, so naturally it was a blessing to sit and be taught and preached to.  But this was not the big blessing I received there.  The big blessing was that this was the first time to attend a Pastor’s School having no burden about where I was going to eventually pastor.  All the other times I secretly wondered if God was going to allow the “big reveal” during the week.  Needless to say there was a sense of personal freedom this year. Secondly, I turned twenty-eight years old in the Lord on October 13th.  This is by far my favorite date!  The big blessing here was that I was in Tampa, Florida for my Father’s spinal surgery and was able to spend this day with my parents.  This is the first time that I have been able to be near them on my spiritual birthday since the day I left home in 1998. It was my mother that led me to Christ on October, 13th 1985.

Prayer Requests:

Piano player/song leader --- I had asked a young man and his wife in Pensacola to pray about coming to help in this area, but they won’t be able to. It is not a super big deal since I can play the guitar, but it is still near the top of important prayer requests.

Baby --- Everything is fine with Rose and the baby (?).  My mother-in-law will be making her way here for the month of February to help as the baby arrives.  I am 50% sure it is another boy.

Detention Center --- Recently I was finger printed for a good reason…it had to happen in order to get into the detention center.  The first Sunday of each month I have been asked to help a man by playing music for him. It was pretty neat to have a young man request “There Is Power In The Blood” last time.



11/28/2013 11:45am

Bro Gipp
Great website. Enjoyed hearing about your work there in Idaho. Did not know your dad had spinal surgery. If you get a minute sometime could you drop me an email and let me know how he is. Your dad has been in my prayers for more years than I can remember. How he went on all these years in pain is more than I can understand.
Because He loves me,

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