2 Timothy 4:5 …do the work of an evangelist,…

David Spurgeon meetings

The close of May brought evangelist David Spurgeon to our church.  We had scheduled a Wed.-Sun. meeting, but after nine hours of delayed flights we cancelled the Wednesday service and started the next evening.  All went well, even though it was Memorial Day weekend.  A number of families were gone due to family engagements, but we pressed on with it anyway. 

The Sunday before the meetings started we advertised in the paper here.  A sticker on the front that led to an ad inside was put on the front of every Sunday paper.  Every house in Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston and Asotin, Washington, that received a paper saw it.  It cost a little bit, but it was well worth it.  The Friday evening service was Bro. Spurgeon’s personal testimony and we had a record high (since I have been here) of 69 people in attendance, half our people and half visitors that heard of the meeting.

It is a joy to a pastor to hear people, who were nervous about coming, be there every night.  Some said they were only planning to be there for two services and in the end they only missed Saturday evening.  Each evening we had supper an hour before the meetings for the people and snacks outside after church.  This was a good time for our people to mingle and fellowship with each other and some of the visitors that came.  There has been nothing but positive feedback about the meetings.

(Special thanks to Pastor Tim Haveman and Heritage Baptist Church for helping with the ad cost.)

Win some, lose some

April brought some lows to the work here.  We had an elderly couple and an elderly lady leave the church.  All left on speaking terms.  Unhappiness was the bases for their decisions.  (It had to be personal unhappiness, because more than one person has commented on the good spirit of the church.)

April also brought some highs to the work here.  An older couple, the Tedders, have been attending the church since we arrived in Lewiston, and they joined the church. 



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