I realize that it has been a quarter of a year since I last wrote a prayer letter.  This is not due to thousands being saved and discipled as you assumed, but due to my name, “Nate”, which is found in the word procrasti-“Nate”.  Truthfully there has been a lot going on and the letter has been stalled until this time.

            We stopped canvassing at the beginning of November due to the cold and a much needed break.  Up until that break we had canvassed 6,514 homes in 2014.  The city of Lewiston has been canvassed on the North and South sides of town and come April we will begin filling in the gap in the middle.  My goal is to finish Lewiston by the end of July and then start canvassing Clarkston, Washington.  Pray with me for wisdom on the right approach for this next year.  Just because you did something one way a certain year doesn’t mean that the Lord wants it done that way again (II Sam.5:18-25).

The Couriers for Christ trip to Romania


            It has always been a longing of mine to go on a Baptist Couriers for Christ campaign.  This finally came to pass when my church sent me to Romania.  (A few were disappointed that it wasn’t Siberia, but none the less off I went.)  I am largely Romanian, so I welcomed a trip to the motherland with open arms.  God truly blessed me with many opportunities to witness, as well as to fellowship with other believers from the States and from Romania.  The Sunday that we were there I was asked to preach to the church that invited us there.  After exhausting all the words I knew in Romanian, I decided to stick with English, which I still have not mastered. The pastor, missionary, and a number of people told me that the message was timely for the church.  It is nice to know that God speaks Romanian too.

            One day while on the streets passing out invites to the upcoming campaign, I was stopped by four police officers.  They informed me that I was not allowed to do this and that I was to produce my passport and travel papers.  Earlier that day I had taken pictures of my passport in case this happened, but I wasn’t going to carry it with me on the streets.  They weren’t thrilled with this new info either and wanted to see the pictures.  So as my phone booted back up I did what I do best and joked around with them trying to make the arrest that was most certainly in my future less violent.  Three of them got tired of waiting and walked off while the other one leaned in and said, “I am Baptist. You are fine” and went after his buddies.  No stocks or bonds needed for me.

            Before I left I had prayed and asked the Lord to allow me the chance to lead someone to Christ personally while there.  That answer to prayer came during street work, when Gabriel asked the Lord to save him.  I won’t elaborate on this story, because I went into depth about it when writing for an upcoming Couriers for Christ newsletter.  If you would like that story you can find it on our website at: lcv

The Church
Psalms 37:4  Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

       Before I left for Romania the announcement had been made a few times that there would be a baptismal service when I got back State side.  There were three people that I was planning on baptizing upon return.  In November of 2013 a man in our church, Gary Powell, trusted Christ during a Stewardship meeting after a Sunday evening service.  He had not requested to be baptized although I knew through the Baptist grapevine that he was interested.  When I got back I went to his work and let him know that if he wanted to get baptized it was time, now (October) or after the weather warms the water again in the late summer of 2015.  He texted me a few days later and told me that after reading Matthew 3, Mark 1, and Romans 6, he was going to take the plunge.  His initial delay in getting baptized was family related.  His wife and oldest daughter had been baptized in the river the year before and his youngest daughter was close to salvation, thus he wanted to wait to be baptized with her after she got saved.  The Sunday of baptism I was sitting in my office and in walks Gary and his youngest daughter to tell me she got saved that morning and wanted to get baptized.  Gary told me that she came down the stairs crying that morning and said she wanted to get saved.  She knew it all and prayed to be saved!  Psalms 37:4 came to mind after I heard this story. Gary chose to please God over his desires and God gave him what he wanted.  5 were baptized that afternoon.  By the time you read this letter the Gary Powell family will have officially joined the church.



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