Sunday Evenings
           Since March we have been having Sunday evening services in our church.  This has been a blessing and a challenge in many ways.  Both have been physical.  About twice a month I have a detention center and a nursing home that I go to at 2:30 in the afternoon.  After those meetings it is pretty exhausting to teach for an hour on the book of Revelation.  This is not a complaint, but a fact.  The services have been well attended as the people are hungry for the word of God.  The book of Revelation is especially an attraction as it is apparent that we are in the last days.

Easter Sunday
              Every Easter churches across America have an influx of visitors, whether they are C & E church attendees or they are visiting a family member’s church.  We are no exception to that rule.  Each year Easter has been a record day or close to it.  The Sunday after returns to the average number of attendees.  This has been a gauge to me of how the church has grown numerically.  This year we had 81 people attend, while last year was in the 60s.  The next week it was back to 50ish.  The average attendance has been around 55.

Mike Sherry
              Most people wouldn’t know Mike Sherry outside of his sphere of influence.  Bro. Sherry is an associate pastor for Hal Roscoe at Chili Bible Baptist Church in Chili, NY.  He has been there faithfully serving for 13 years or so.
                Our friendship goes back to trading match-box cars during special meetings at his dad’s church in the 90s.  We connected again during the 3 years in Bible college and even were roommates for a year before he got married.  When I took the Associate Pastor position in Martville, NY, Mike was only a couple of hours away ministering in Chili, NY. 
             I am used to preaching and also hearing preaching and can probably tell you where a message is heading before the preacher gets done with it.  Even though preachers have been a major part of my life, there are few messages that I have heard that have stuck with me over the years.  Fewer still are multiple messages from one preacher that have stuck with me.  Bro. Sherry’s messages seem to add to that pile.  He doesn’t come across as a flashy, well-polished preacher, but it is evident by his preaching that he has a walk with God and a love for the Book.
           Recently we had a revival meeting with Bro. Sherry and near the end of the meeting, I had a lady tell me that of all the preachers we have had preach, she liked him the best.  I told her it is probably because he is a pastor and is dealing with sheep just like her in NY.  God has blessed me with a number of friends from my youth that are still standing in the gap for the Lord.

  New Suit

  Pro 28:20 A faithful man shall abound with blessings:…

  I am a man of many suits.  Most of them are out of style or have been bought at a second-hand store or sale rack somewhere.   My new suit was found the same way.

One Saturday I dropped to my knees for about 10 seconds and sheepishly asked God for a new suit.  It was not a necessity, but a want.  The only color that I have not acquired over the years is dark gray, so that is what I had in mind when I asked my Father for one.

Monday errands brought us close to the Mall and found me looking for a new coffee grinder in the home section of Macy’s and JCPenny’s, I always end up looking through the men’s clearance racks and while in Penny’s I found a dark gray sport jacket that was on sale for $71.  It was regularly $240.  My birthday had provided me with some spending money so I decided to purchase it.  The pants were also marked down from $70 to $35.  Making the whole sale $106 instead of $310…a grand savings of $204.  Not a bad deal.

When I approached the cash register to pay it, the pants rang up for full price.  The deal would have been off, but it rang up wrong and I got the pants at the sale price of $35.  The sport jacket then rang up for a whopping $10!  The whole sale was $45 instead of $310…a grand savings of $265!

This proved to me again that God does care about the things in life we want and sometimes chooses to smile on those that work for Him.  God still answers simple prayers and like a loving Father chooses to reward His children with blessings.

Eph 3:20  Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,



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