2016: Part 1


My beautiful bride reminded me recently of the need to write a prayer letter.  Seems that I have not done that in quite some time.  Thought I had, but she was right again that I hadn’t.  (I say “right again” because I am sure she has been right in the past, but I can’t seem to recall it…)

There have been a number of positive things to report on.  Firstly, we have had up to 16 ladies out for our monthly Ladies Bible Study.  It has held close to that number each time we have held it this year.  Secondly, we recently started a youth group (7th-12th grade) and that has also had up to 16 young people come out to that.  The spirit in these groups has been as it ought to be…Christ-like!  Can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see people come to whatever service or fellowships we have.

Also, we had a high day of 85 on February, 28th and had 92 on Easter with only a few visitors.  Easter services have consistently grown since we have been here. 

We all know that it is not all about the numbers, but more numbers is a sign of groweth in a church and the “numbers don’t lie”.


Isaiah 52:7  How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

            We started canvassing again slowly in April with 237 houses getting canvassed, in May we covered 821 houses and 317 houses in June.  This is a total of 1,375 houses getting covered so far this year. 

            June 21st brought about a milestone in this portion of the ministry as we have totally canvassed the main body of Lewiston!  This process has been four years in the making.  In 2013 we did 2400+ houses.  In 2014 we did 6,514 houses.  In 2015 we did 3,198 houses. And in 2016 we have done 1,375 houses for a grand total of 13,487+ houses. 

            By the time you receive this letter I will have had a surgery on my left great toe which will have halted canvassing for a little bit.  This is due to a soccer accident in the basement of the church a couple of years ago where a 10 year old defender stopped me driving the ball for a goal with her shin.  When I collected myself up off the ground I knew that something was wrong.  It has been a functioning problem since then and it is going to be fixed soon.  After I am back on my feet (literally) we will start the surrounding towns.

Acts 13:49  And the word of the Lord was published throughout all the region.

An Answered Prayer
            About a year and a half ago the church had some visitors from the Province of British Columbia.  A retired pastor and his wife, Larry & Reet Arbo, visited on a Wednesday evening.  As we fellowshipped after service for a few minutes, Mrs. Arbo told me that she had led an elderly lady to the Lord at a laundry mat earlier in the day and then handed me $20 to give to her.  The plan was that Mrs. Arbo was going to email her for her address, then make contact with me to set up a visit and give her the $20.

            A year and a half passed with no contact regarding the elderly ladies’ address. Since then the $20 has been tucked safely underneath a watch box.  A few weeks ago I held it in my hands and prayed for God to put me back in contact with the Arbos since I didn’t have their contact info. 

            Last year I was asked by a young man, Caleb Williams, to do his wedding in Maine in May of 2016.  Of course I accepted the offer.  Well May rolled around sending Rose and I to Maine for the wedding and a few days of escape for the two of us.  The wedding was on a Friday evening, so the pastor of the church, Art Dean, asked me to preach all day Sunday before the scheduled time off. 

            Sunday evening service brought in the regular faithful attendees with a few visitors from the area curious of their new building…and it brought in the Arbos all the way across the country from British Columbia!  They didn’t know I was preaching that night, nor were they familiar with the church or pastor and I surely didn’t know they would be there…but God did and answered my prayer.



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