BLM Rally

            Recently the entire nation has been held hostage by the Black Lives Matter movement.  This movement is founded on rebellion to authority, like most movements of its kind.  Recently this movement spilled into our sister town, Clarkston, Washington.  Because of this “peaceful” protest of those who risk their lives every day against evil, the hospital was shut down, the police were on high-alert, and fear was in our little community.

            Well I am not one who goes and looks to cause trouble, but if someone is going to cause trouble I will stand up to oppose them.  With that motive in mind I organized our own movement on the street opposite of theirs.  Fear was having its way in my mind; fear of putting my people in danger…which no shepherd wants to do.  So I prayed asking God to let me know if it was what He wanted me to do or if it was just me being macho.  In the church mail that day was an advertisement for a black t-shirt that said #prayerlivesmatter.  I am not a Jew, but I will accept any sign God is willing to give me.

            The day of the rally five of us loaded into our cars and headed down “to die for our Lord”.  Sure enough, there they were…2 black protestors and 145 undereducated liberal white mouth breathers who stood for equality!  We marched across the road and tracted every last one of them with “Coexist” and “Smile Jesus Loves You” tracts. 

            The police who came to protect and the minutemen who came to protest with their “Don’t tread on me” flag got tracts also.  Then we stood opposite of the BLM “rally” with scripture signs and smiled while they all scowled. 

            If those fools read a Bible they would find that Black Lives Mattered first to God…Acts 8:26-39.

Family Weekend

            Each calendar year comes with four months that have five Sundays in them.  Those Sundays here at LCVBC are dubbed “Family Sunday”.  Typically, we have a family Sunday school with a Biblical game and devotional geared for everyone and then Sunday Morning Service.  Sunday evening is cancelled on these Sundays…because I am the pastor of this church and can do what I want to do with my services…not because I am in the slightest bit contemporary!

            Another thing we do quarterly is have a family game night on a Friday evening where we rent a gym in town and play volleyball, basketball, soccer, boxing, wrestling, splitting, spraining, herniateing and other games Baptists are known for during a gathering of this nature.  Since this happens at the time of our Friday evening men’s prayer, we push men’s prayer to the next morning and have a men’s prayer breakfast on Saturday.

            Recently we had all of these events happen on the same weekend, so we had a family weekend.  Friday evening was the game night. Saturday morning we had a family prayer breakfast, and Sunday was family Sunday.  Pastor Tim Haveman was the guest speaker on Sunday, so I had him speak to our men before breakfast Saturday morning, while Mrs. Haveman spoke to the ladies after breakfast.  All in all it was a real blessing to see a church function as a family unit.


            Baptismal services happen when the water of the river is warm enough to swim in.  Usually around September/October.  They are preceded with weeks of announcements to spark those interested.  Four young men were scheduled to get baptized (Mnason Gipp being one of them).  Three did.  The fourth’s lost mother stopped him before he could get into the water.  Satan hates what God commands.  If there is an attack, you must be doing something right.  Keep Tristan in your prayers.


Foot Surgery

            A couple of years ago I busted a toe playing soccer in our church basement barefoot.  This has been a pain to deal with since that time.  In April I went to have it looked at and found out that I was going to need to have a surgery.  The cartilage in between the joints of the big toe on my right foot had busted.  This piece was floating around and lodging in various positions. Since the surgery in July I have been pain free.

            The reason for this being in the mission letter is two-fold: first, thank you to those who have prayed over this for me and second, as a life lesson, if there is something in your life that is causing you pain physically or spiritually, get it fixed.  It isn’t going to go away without the helpful hands of another (Gal.6:1).


Car Accident

            While out looking for a house to buy, I noticed a dent in my car that wasn’t there three houses before.  Bewildered I walked around the car and found a note under the windshield wiper that read, “I saw what happened to your car.  If you would like to know please call…”.  So I did.  Once the detective work was done and the wife was safely returned home I went to the house of the person responsible for backing into my car.  (Before I go any farther you must know that it wasn’t hit hard.  The paint didn’t break or flake off at all.  It was more like a dent that is caused by pushing too hard on the surface of the car. Unfortunately it was in a crease, so it can’t be “popped” back out.)

            Everything went fine when I confronted the man responsible for the accident.  He began to tell me about how his life was in a downward spiral and everything was coming down on him.  I began to tell him how his life was in a downward spiral and everything was coming down on him…then I told him about the Saviour.  Twenty minutes later with tears running down his face he prayed and asked the Lord to save him.  Pray for Mark Drevlow to grow in the Lord.  We have met since then, but there is much ground to cover.

Prayer Requests
We have had 20 people leave for various reasons.  Some justifiable, some not.  Regardless these things take place in churches.  The problem here is that 15 of them were faithful to all the services.  This is a gut punch to a church sitting steady each Sunday at 70+.  God has blessed in spite of this, but one of the families was my right-hand man who got a job promotion (Ps.75:6,7).  I need help in this area.

Canvassing---We stopped canvassing for a month or more til my foot recovered from the toe surgery.  It resumed in August with 220 houses being done.  This was followed in September with 573 houses.  It will conclude in October as the days get colder and wetter.  Pray for fruit from the outreach and blessings for our church’s efforts to throw out the life line.



03/20/2017 8:15pm

This post is very insightful. I can see that you are a very busy person. There are many things happening in your life, from baptismal celebrations, rallies and etc. I always like reading stories from different people. I learn a lot from their stories.

03/23/2017 4:16pm

What is wrong with you? Why you don't support this movement? I don't get it.

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